Toby and the team at Wil & Sons represent the best of what a 21st-century hospitality industry has to offer.

Virtual Intern is excited to announce our collaboration with the team at Wil & Sons, a Newcastle based fine food restaurant that demonstrates the best of what a career in hospitality can plate up.

Virtual student online work experience

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Ever since his first night shift working in a bustling Newcastle restaurant Toby, co-founder at Wil & Sons, never looked back:

“My first paid job in the industry was at Customs House, I had very little training and literally got given a work shirt and got sent out onto the floor on a busy Friday night picking up glasses. I absolutely loved every minute of it and got the bug and haven’t looked back since.”

Toby has had both feet in the hospitality since Year 7, and a few years ago founded a restaurant of his very own located in a bustling Darby Street. Toby is passionate to showcase what hospitality can offer not only as an entry-level job but as a career and lifestyle.

“The hospitality industry is most certainly a lifestyle and a culture. Not only is it a great avenue for part-time work to get through university but can also be a great career.”
“With all these different facets there is flexibility for working hours, a great lifestyle, ability to meet the most amazing people and colleagues (some of my longest and best friends) and can open opportunities to grow as much as you would like in the industry.”
Virtual student online work experience

Toby is excited to impart his expertise and experience to the next generation. Through a work experience placement that offers students to step into the shoes of the Wil & Sons team, completing tasks that Toby and his team face every day. Key transportable skills that will be packaged in the placement include:

>> Customer Service and relationship building
>> Planning and adaptability
>> Coffee identification and financial literacy
>> Self-branding and presentation
>> Contextual problem-solving

Virtual student online work experience

We are excited to work with Wil & Sons to deliver a placement that equips the next generation of workers with the skills they need for the future of work.