We give the next gen a head start over a career

virtual intern provides online work placements for schools and students
We believe that the next generation's movement into career spaces can begin early and lead to real job roles.
The Virtual Intern Platform

What is Virtual Intern?

Virtual Intern is an online platform that provides youth with relevant, local, and project-based work experiences to help them transition into meaningful job roles.

We work with local businesses to help the next generation understand the breadth of what a career can offer, showcase skills to employers, and secure work.

Local links, Big reach

Our platform is available throughout Australia to prepare, connect, and transition local talent to local industries. Through our work experiences, students can bulk, showcase, and transport their skills, while employers can identify talent early and strategically.  

placements allow students to credit their work on their CV
Virtual student online work experience

Early Pipeline Builder

Our platform enables you to build your employment pipeline early in order to more strategically identify and engage future talent. Develop the capabilities of entry-level employees while communicating your company's story, culture, and expectations.

How it started


Growing up, Tricia would try out various jobs to see which one was the best fit for her. From hosting toy fashion shows with imaginary sponsors to auctioning off Lego houses and launching a makeshift vet in the laundry, Tricia realised early on that the key ingredient to a career was all about trying things out and seeing what felt right.

How it's going


 Tricia realised as she finished high school that the no job, no experience loop was not only a barrier for young people, but also a missed opportunity for employers. To bridge this gap, Tricia founded Virtual Intern to help the next generation and industry find each other through meaningful, practical, and strategic work experiences.

Keeping it relevant

Choose the space in which you currently move to see how our experiences can back you.