Give yourself a head start.

Virtual work experience giving students a career advantage

Virtual Intern is flipping career readiness into a fresh and interactive format Our online platform allows you to complete work experience from anywhere and at any time (PJs optional).

Work experience does not have to involve watching, standing around or photocopying. Work experience should be about actually doing stuff and getting a clear idea of what actually happens in the lives of humans who are building, creating and getting things done.

It's pretty simple really, we want to give your a head start over your future through our virtual internships delivered by real people working in real businesses.

Let's talk perks

1. We have the intros sorted. 


Our placements allow you to complete projects across a variety of industries and receive tailored feedback from business owners, employees and managers. You can keep in touch and even transfer your virtual placement into a physical placement or even a job opp! 

2. We keep it real world. 

We do not create any projects that would not happen in real life. All our placements are developed in collab with businesses to make sure that you are building a skill set you are going to use now and down the track.

3. We want to give you an advantage.

After completing each placement you will receive the recognition that you can place directly on your resume. We also provide career kits and resources to help you differentiate yourself and build your brand in the world of work.

Get started with out career kits.

Kick start your virtual placement with our quick and easy prep kits. These kits offer you the chance to fit in some sneaky prep before your placement launch.


Keep your know-how fresh with the latest and greatest in career advice.

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