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virtual intern provides online work placements for schools and students
The world is rapidly changing; technological innovation, disrupted industries and the emergence of jobs that didn’t even exist 10 years ago is now the norm. It is essential that an approach to work experience that can keep up.
The Virtual Intern Platform

The Virtual Intern Platform

Virtual Intern is an online platform that gives young people access to relevant, meaningful and project-based work experience that mirrors real work environments.

Boost your Resume and
Connect with Real Employers!

Our placements allow students to credit their work on their CV, receive unique feedback on their work and  connect with employers for real world work opportunities.

placements allow students to credit their work on their CV
virtual internship

Potential Opportunity Provider

A range of our virtual work placements offer physical, real-world placements or employment following completion of the virtual internship. These employers will have a POP (Potential Opportunity Provider) icon.

With lesson plans, teacher resources and other project-based tasks for the classroom, we are equipping Hunter students to take ownership over their future and the world of work.