Work experience is now more accessible and authentic than ever.

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Virtual Intern provides online and immersive work experiences that connects students with employers and work experience in a fresh, relatable and project-based format.

Today, 3 in 4 young people believe they do not possess the relevant vocational and practical work experience to gain the work they desire. Alongside this challenge, coronavirus-related disruptions, are making it harder than ever for young people to transition into full-time careers.

Virtual Intern is a local work experience solution that has been developed to tackle this misalignment between young people’s work expectations and the assumed knowledge and skills needed by Hunter businesses.

Students have access to tailored project-based placements across different industries that contain real-world tasks for students to complete with the opportunity to add experience to their CVs, receive tailored feedback and access other technical and transportable skill resources.

Our Approach:


1. We are capability-builders.

We provide students with a variety of virtual work experiences that are built in collaboration with real industries, businesses and employers. Our project-based tasks are age-appropriate, real-world to build confidence and ability. Students submit their projects to employers to gain unique feedback.


2. We have networking covered.

We know the behind the scenes effort that occurs to connect students to valuable work experience programs. Our platform takes the extra work off your hands by providing accessible and local work experiences that will not only engage students but give students license to work on tasks that mirror the real world.


3. We expand the playing field.

Our digital platform can be accessed on a number of devices and tailored to students from Year 8 through to Year 12 . Our projects are self-paced and, following the completion of projects and placements, students have the opportunity to approach hunter businesses for physical placements and work opportunities.

Interested in registering your school to Virtual Intern placements? Fill out the form below and we will be in touch.

Are you an educator?

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